Thorny-headed worms

Four new species of acanthocephalans from birds in Vietnam

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:O. M. Amin, Van Ha, N., Heckmann, R. A.
Journal:Comparative ParasitologyComp. Parasitol.
Pagination:200 - 214
Date Published:2008///
ISBN Number:15252647 (ISSN)
Keywords:Acanthocephala (worms), Archiacanthocephala, Aves, Birds, Gallinago gallinago, Gigantorhynchida, Gigantorhynchidae, Gorsachius melanolophus, Lanius, Lanius schach, Mediorhynchus, New acanthocephalans: Mediorhynchus lanius n. sp., Nycticorax, Palaeacanthocephala, Plagiorhynchidae, Plagiorhynchus, Polymorphida, Porrorchis, Porrorchis tyto n. sp., Porzana fusca, Prosthorhynchus digiticephalus n. sp., Prosthorhynchus megareceptaclis n. sp., Strigiformes, Tyto, Vietnam

During November 2000, a collection of acanthocephalans from 6 species of birds in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, included 4 new species. The new taxa described included 1 in Archiacanthocephala (Gigantorhynchida: Gigantorhynchidae): Mediorhynchus lanius n. sp. from Lanius schach Linnaeus (long-tailed shrike) and 3 in Palaeacanthocephala (Polymorphida: Plagiorhynchidae): Plagiorhynchus (Prosthorhynchus) digiticephalus n. sp. from Porzana fusca Linnaeus (ruddy-breasted crake), Plagiorhynchus (Prosthorhynchus) megareceptaclis n. sp. from Gallinago gallinago Linnaeus (common snipe) and Myophonus coeruleus (Scopoli) (whistling thrush), and Porrorchis tyto n. sp. from Gorsachius melanolophus Raffles (Malayan night-heron) and Tyto sp. (bam owl). Comparisons with related taxa were made, and host relationships were discussed where applicable.

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