Thorny-headed worms

Echinorhynchus trachyrinci n. sp. (Acanthocephala: Echinorhynchidae) from macrourid fishes of the northeast Atlantic

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:M. T. Wayland, Gibson, D. I., Sommerville, C.
Journal:Systematic ParasitologySYST. PARASITOL.
Pagination:59 - 66
Date Published:1997///
ISBN Number:01655752 (ISSN)
Keywords:Acanthocephalus, Echinorhynchidae, Echinorhynchus, Echinorhynchus gadi, Echinorhynchus longiproboscis, Echinorhynchus malacocephali, Echinorhynchus melanoglaeae, Echinorhynchus petrotschenkoi, Echinorhynchus sebastolobi, Echinorhynchus trachyrinci, Macrouridae, Palaeacanthocephala, Parukhin, Pisces, Trachyrincinae, Trachyrincus murrayi, Trachyrincus scabrus

Echinorhynchus trachyrinci n. sp. (Palaeacanthocephala: Echinorhynchidae) is described from Trachyrincus scabrus (Rafinesque) (Macrouridae: Trachyrincinae) (type-host) and T. murrayi Gunther from the northeast Atlantic. The most important diagnostic features of this species are: the number of longitudinal rows of hooks 17-22; the number of hooks per row 17-22+; the maximum length of hook blade 38-52 μm; the proboscis width 139-224 μm; and the proboscis length to width ratio 3.9-6.4:1. E. trachyrinci n. sp. is differentiated from E. gadi, E. malacocephali, E. longiproboscis, E. petrotschenkoi, E. melanoglaeae, E. theragrae and E. sebastolobi. Metechinorhynchus malacocephali Parukhin, 1985 is transferred to Echinorhynchus as E. malacocephali n. comb.

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